usb gamepad isnt configured but USB device found




My 10 button gamepad is not picked up in USB on PC.
However, In laptop with XPhome its fine - so I know the
gamepad is compatible with XPhome.

PC with xphome finds USB device but cant install it as
gamepad. When i try to find drivers etc it doesnt find
them and doesnt install the device properly. XP is
supposed to auto 'install' generic gamepads so why does
this not work on second PC?

Help me please if anyone had similar experience with
trying to install standard type gamepads on xp





Hi steve

when you reboot your machine,just as your cpu information
comes up keep your finger on delete to get your BIOS up
(you probaly know this)
Go into your PNP/PCI configurations,(your BIOS might be
Under that heading(or similar)you should have the
following line
*plug and play aware* change it to yes
F10 save and exit

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