USB device problem when XP installed via RIS


Matt Wheeler

We have a rather annoying problem with the XP Professional (SP2,
32bit) build we have at present.
It is done through RIS, and the same build is used for all our Dell
systems, Optiplex (eg GX280, 520),. Latitude (D600, D610, D620) &
Precision (eg 390, M60)

The problem we have is, once installed, how USB devices are handled,
in particular keyboards and mice.

The Desktops we use typically have 6 USB ports on the back, and
despite the best will in the world, we can't persuade everyone to use
the same sockets for all devices.
So, if, when built via RIS, the keyboard and mouse are each in a
specific USB port, then the PC is moved elsewhere, the keyboard and
mouse only work fine if they are inserted into the same USB ports.
If, however, the keyboard and/or mouse are plugged into different USB
ports to original, then they won't function until you login to the PC
with admin rights and let the new hardware wizard run through to
reinstall them
All the relevant drivers for the different types of keyboard and mice
we have are in the build, and when the new hardware wizard starts up
it can find the drivers without having to be told where to look.
This is especially annoying for our laptop users who may not
necessarily use the same docking stand one day to the next, and the
keyboards/mice aren't necessary in the same USB ports, or even the
same specific model.

As a test last week, I installed a system using a XP Professional
(with SP2) CD. Installing via this method, for whatever reason, makes
the USB devices behave how we expect them to, and how all our windows
2000 systems do (both manual and RIS install). ie if you login as a
normal (non-admin) user, or even with no-one logged in at all, and you
move the keyboard or mouse from one USB port to another, it
automatically reinstalls the drivers without any prompting or having
to provide administrator credentials to complete.

We ran a sigverif on two systems last week, one built to XP PRo via
RIS and the other XP PRo from CD. The one built from RIS had a few
un-signed drivers listed, whilst the system built from CD reported all
drivers as digitally signed.

There are two things we would like to achieve as a resolution....

1: "Fix" the RIS build so that, once the system is installed, there is
no requirement for admin rights to install USB keyboards/mice if they
move port.

2: Deploy a fix for our pre-existing XP systems (created from the RIS
build), so that they no longer need to prompt for admin rights to
install USB keyboards/mice.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.... although I should mention that,
although we use Dell's "CFI" program for new systems, we don't want to
have to upgrade/reinstall existing systems (either 2K or XP) from CD,
as RIS is much quicker and convenient.

If you need more info or clarification on any of the points, please
let me know.

thanks in advance






I am having the same issues.. Any resolution on this? I know it was a
while ago that it was originally posted


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