USB audio in Vista 32 bit



Using Vista Home Premium on an HP Pavillion M7750n. Recently purchased some
Plantronics Gamecom Pro1 USB headphones. For the life of me I cannot get
them to play sound or get the microphone to transmit at all. when checking
the icon in the bottom right, it always says "Volume: 0" for the Headset
Earphone Plantronics Headset. The icon also has a red X on the bottom of it,
which I'm assuming is the problem here. I know the headphones work properly
as they work in my other machine (win2k pro). Is there a new usb audio
driver that i need to download somewhere or what?




I too am having an issue with USB Audio devices.

I have a (of all things) a Microsoft Branded Headset, the LX-3000 life chat
that refuses to work under Vista, but works 100% fine in WinXP.

I have even attempted the hotfix KB933262-v2, which made no difference.

Each time I plug in a USB audio device, either this headset or a older
logitech 250, I get the error "USB Audio Device The parameter is
incorrect." Yet the composite device [with the volume, mute, and call
buttons] all work. the volume does indeed change the volume of the current
output device and the call button lauches live chat as expected -- only the
audio device fails to install.

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