USB headset + computer-switch sound back & forth



I use Vista Home Premium. Sound was fine coming out of the computer. Added a
USB Logitech Headset + Microphone. Used Control Panel> Sound-Found Logitech
headset with green check. Had no sound out of headset. Adjusted the volume
on task-bar volume, and all things on volume mixer plus something on Media
Player. Now the problem is, I can’t seem to reverse it. I have gone control
panel>sound after the headset is disconnected. It shows only the Sigma Tel
High Definition Audio Codec. I have all volume controls on High. Nothing is
on mute. I know it is there. I just can’t find it. What else should I do?



Cal Bear '66

Right click in the Playback window and check both "Show Disconnected Devices"
and "Show Disabled Devices". Click on Speakers and press Set Default button.

I Bleed Blue and Gold

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