Urgent help needed with continous page numbers but new footnotes!



I really really need some urgent help with a page numbering/footnote
numbering/section breaks problem- I’m at my wit’s end! I’m not brilliant on
computers and am trying to complete my dissertation using Word 2007. I need
to start my page numbers within the footer on page 3 of the document, and I
know how to do this using a section break, (although I seem to be having a
bit of trouble with this too!). However, for each new chapter of my
dissertation I need to start a new set of footnotes from number 1, while
continuing the page numbering system throughout. So if the second chapter
starts on page 5 of my work I need it to say page 5 in the footer, but start
with a fresh set of footnotes from number 1. I’ve been trying to do this for
ages with no luck and as I already said I’m not great with computers, so is
there any way someone could explain how to do this in a simple way for me?
I have to try and resolve this issue by tomorrow so any help at all would be
much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Stefan Blom

At the first location where you want footnote numbers to restart, insert a
section break. Double-click the header to activate the header/footer view.
On the Header & Footer Tools Design tab, click Page Number and then click
Format Page Numbers. In the dialog box, verify that "Continue from previous
section" is selected.

Then place the insertion point in the main body of the document. On the
References tab, click the dialog launcher button (the arrow on the bottom
right) of the Footnotes group. In the Footnote and Endnote dialog box,
choose "Restart each section" for "Numbering." For "Apply changes to,"
select "Whole document." Click Apply.

Insert additional section breaks as needed. Note that an added section
(break) will inherit the properties (such as page number restarts) of the
section where it was created. In this case, this should work to your
advantage, but if there are any section breaks already present in the text,
you may have to change the page number restarts.


Dear Stefan,
Thank you so much for your quick reply, it is much appreciated. Your
instructions were really easy to follow and I’ve managed to do it now.
Thanks again,

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