Urgent help needing iwth footnote numbers



I am trying to create a complete version of my
dissertation, which exists in separate Word docs. Each
document, or chapter, has its own unique footnote numbers.
I tried to create a master doc and insert each doc as a
subdocument, so that I could treat each chapter separately,
but that gave me small marks at the start of each paragraph,
so I gage that up. Instead, I pasted each chapter
sequentially into one new document that has some extra text,
like the title and acknowledgments, at the top. The problem
is, I can't reset the footnotes to start at 1 for each
chapter. I could do that for a section, but I can't tell
how to create a section and no matter how many times I tell
Word to insert a footnote that has the number 1, it refuses
to do that. I need to print this and ship it by Monday.
How can I do what I need? If only this was Wordperfect, I
could do this in ten seconds (which I've done in the past).



If you are just sending printed copies, then there is no real need to combine the separate Word documents into one single Word document. If you want a single electronic version, then the ten-second solution in this case would be to convert each separate Word document to PDF, then combine the PDFs.

To create a section break where the cursor is located, click on Insert | Breaks | Section Break. You can choose between continuous or next-page section breaks, but next-page breaks are easier to manage.

Word will insert a footnote numbered "1" only once in a Word section. If your whole document is one Word section, you only get one footnote numbered "1". If you have multiple Word sections, then you can have as many footnotes numbered "1" as you have Word sections.

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