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Currently I am running Windows XP, and I am trying to upgrade to Vista. I
get a message that I need to uninstall Sonic Studio DLA. When I go to
Add/Remove Programs I do not see it. The only thing that is there with DLA
is Roxio DLA. Also with Roxio DLA there is not a button to uninstall it.
Someone please help me. I am totally confused.

John Barnett MVP

Sonic is a brand name belonging to Roxio. It appears quite a few people have
problems with this issue. A quick Google took me to this site:

I'm not sure whether it is relevant in your case but click on the link and
scroll almost to the bottom of the page. look for the date 25-04-2007 and
read techowner's reply.

Another option is: http://www.vistaforums.com/Forum/Topic9270-41-1.aspx read
through the topic replies there.

John Barnett MVP
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John Barnes

Uninstall any Roxio products you have on your computer (or Sonic, which owns
Roxio now)

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