Driver blocked due to incompatibility



At Vista boot up message appears "Driver blocked due to incompatibility".
Driver is "Sonic Solutions DLA".
I click message and window opens that can be closed or check for updates.
There is no update. I close the window and it immediately re-opens. I have
to do this 7 times before the window stays shut.
In Add/Remove programs the program is listed as "Roxio DLA" and it will not
uninstall. (even in safe mode) I click but nothing happens. The DVD drive in
My Computer does not have a DLA tab to disable the device and thus stop
Vista from ranting.

Is there a way to stop this?

I did a Vista Home Premium update from XP Media Center.
There are MANY things that no longer work and I'm taking things one at a

Leonard F Kiesling

had same problem with new dell desktop. in doing some google research i
found this:

when my problem occurred, i didn't write down the details as you did. you
described it exactly! thank you.

i am leaving all as is. i haven't used any roxio or sonic yet. just set
machine up yesterday.

i had written into dell, & replied needing more directions. i will send them
this link when they reply

i found the article helpful.

thank you, len kiesling


Your description of the error matched my experience exactly.

After 109 minutes on the phone with a Dell tech, the final suggestion (after
manually removing traces of Roxio software from the registry failed) was to
do a clean install of Windows XP, followed by an upgrade of Windows Vista
Ultimate -- since uninstall of Windows Vista is NOT permitted.

I will try your suggestion of removing the KB update, instead.

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