Upgrading my operating system from Windows Me to XP professional



I am considering upgrading my operating system to Windows
XP Professional. However, my current operating system
(Windows Me) was packaged with my PC when I bought it. As
such although I have the necessary recovery disk and
master CD's to restore the current system in the event of
corruption, I do not hold a Windows installation disk. Is
it anticipated that I encounter any problems installing
XP, particularly if graphics cards and the like are
configured to run wit Me?
Anyone out there with any information would be most
welcome to respond to this question.



Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

There is no blanket answer. Try running
the upgrade advisor, this will give you a clue as to what applications and
hardware may
be a problem:
Note, this is a rather large download so you may want to use a broadband
connection if you have such access. Moving to a new operating system
requires due diligence and homework. Regardless of the outcome of the
Upgrade Advisor, for best results check application maker's websites for
any updates or possible new versions specific to XP. Also, check all of
your device manufacturer web sites, graphics card, soundcard, all
peripherals, etc. for availability of XP drivers and specific compatibility
of your devices with XP. Don't assume such things will work, depending upon
the age of the device, it may need to be updated.

You likely will need to update all your drivers, while XP ships with some
drivers, it's best for you to be prepared. Any CD burning software, disk
utilities, antivirus and firewalls will all likely need to be updated or
replaced and Windows 9x versions are not compatible with XP.

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