Updates don't apply



After installing Windows Defender Beta 2, Windows Defender keeps saying there
are no new updates. They were last updated 20 days ago.

I managed to get the updates to apply by approving the updates in Windows
Update Services.


make sure you uninstall defender beofre doing this

i did a search on my pc for any left over parts from beta 1 and i found

first do a search and type in microsoft anti spy you should hopefully see
soemthing that says this C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded

if you do right click on it and click on container folder. then you should
see micorosft anti spy installier package click on it and install beta 1.
then after you it might say that the beta is outdated ingore it. then go to
microsoft.com and download defender and after you install it it should update
ok worked for me


I am still having the update problem but do not see the updates listed on my
WSUS server to even approve yet am I missing something?



Thanks I had just read over the blog when you posted your response although
I had errors after the updates still working on solving that but thanks for
the help.

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