Defender says there's no updates available, when there are



Hi there. I'm having problems as of lately to install WD updates. I have my
Windows Automatic Updates set on "Notify me but don't automatically download
or install them".

I got a Windows Update warning that a new Defender update was available. I
clicked to download and install it. It downloaded, but had installing
problems. So I tried to use the update button inside Defender itself. Altho
when I open the software it says the currently installed definitions are from
Nov 30th, it says that there are no updates available, so in the end the
program never gets updated.

I don't remember ever having problems to update before when they didn't come
to me as Windows Update thingies. I always updated MS AntiSpyware and
Defender beta 1 & 2 via the software itself.

Anyone has any tips for my problem? Thanks!

Bill Sanderson MVP

Windows Defender definition updates have always been carried by AutoUpdate
and Windows or Microsoft update. The button within the app, and the setting
to check for definition updates before a scheduled scan, both initiate an
autoupdate check.

I think that the problem you had with installation has resulted in the
current situation, and here's what I'd try to fix it.

Go to a command prompt, in the folder Windows Defender is installed
in--typically c:\program files\windows defender.


mpcmdrun -RemoveDefinitions -All

and hit enter.

Then either go to Windows Update and do an express scan and see what is
offered and install it, or use the button within the app.

Let's see if this set of actions cleans out the problem with the current
definitions, and gets you back on track again.


Thanks for the reply. I have found an executable within these forums that had
the latest updates, so I'll wait 'till the next one to try it out. I'll
bookmark this page and come back as soon as I have the problem again.

I didn't know WD got updated by WU. Anyway, the WU never appeared here for
the whole year before a couple of weeks 'til now. I always received that WD
problem icon on my taskbar telling me to check for updated definitions (altho
I have it set to update as soon as a new definition is out). I usually
clicked it, it ran the search, downloaded and installed automatically, and
then told me evrything was ok by those taskbar balloons.

Bill Sanderson MVP

Thanks - If you are current now, you may have cured the problem--write back
if there's a problem on the next update.



I followed the instructions you have listed in this post. I was able to
successfully uninstall the spyware definitions file that was installed on my
system. I installed what I believe to be the latest spyware definition and
engine (1.14.1929.4) by clicking the link within the Windows Defender

After all this, I still recieve the message to check for new spyware
definitions. I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing the program
without any luck. At this point I am not sure what to do, and am going to
ignore this problem until a new spyware definition file is released.

Yet, I still have the following concerns:
Is the spyware definition file I currently have the "latest and greatest"

Will Windows Defender automatically update itself upon the next release of
spyware definition file or will I have to follow the same steps you provided
in your post to force the program to update?

Thank You for your help.

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