Windows Defender: Why Defender updates demand a reboot



I would like to know why Windows Defender updates demand a reboot? Commonly,
a system reboot is required because the installer is attempting to install a
file that is currently being used. With for example McAfee you don't have to
reboot when you install a new definition update. I would be nicer if Windows
Defender requires no reboot after installing an update, just restarting the
service should be enough.

Bill Sanderson

I have to say that I have very few machines running Windows Defender--those
that are tend to be servers. That said, I don't recall that definition
updates require a reboot.

What version of Windows are you running? I wonder whether there is
something on your system which is interfering with the ability to restart
the service, hence the request for the reboot?


Hello Bill,

Thanks for your reply.
I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate (RTM). I have a notebook with only Windows
Defender,and also there Windows Defender demands a reboot when apply a
definition update.

Kind Regards,

Guido van Brakel
System Engineer

Bill Sanderson

I don't have RTM to replicate, but I do have two machines running RC.

I'll blow away Microsoft Security Essentials so Defender will be enabled and
I can test this.

Should be able to manage that by sometime later today.

Tim Clark

Either something is different in Win7 or something is wrong.

I have been using Windows Defender since beta.
A simple update of Definitions, using any method AU/WU/MU/GUI/Manual
Download and install:
has Never required a reboot, Ever.

The only scenario i can envision is the use of AU/WU/MU when there were
other updates involved, in addition to Defender.

This should be considered odd


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