Windows Defender 1.77.1038 signature update doesn't install



The March 1.77.1038 signature update does not install on my system.
Neither the manual download, through Windows Defender's "Check for Updates
Now", nor Microsoft Update install signature updates. Windows Defender shows
error code 0x80070643 and Microsoft Update reflects error code 0x8007051A.

Windows Defender is 32bit: Version: 1.1.1593.0; Engine Version:

I've always been able to manually download and install the signature
updates until Jan 2010. At that time the manual download was 1.71.2323 on
the Web site but this would not install. Using Windows Defender's "Check for
Updates Now" I was able to install 1.71.2204. Interesting that this and the
manual download were different versions.

Now neither the manual download, Microsoft Update, nor Windows Defender's
"Check for Updates Now" will install the signature updates. What has changed
with the signature updates?


Consider going to the secuÑity portal


and downloading the 32-bit definitions for Windows Defender to the desktop,
then *right* click mpas-fe.exe and choose 'Run as administrator' to apply.

See if that both brings you up to date, and perhaps improves on the behavior
in future.

0x80070643 related to the .net framework, or Windows Installer .

Indicates two revision levels are incompatible.

Are you sure you downloaded the correct update?

Repost your question in the appÑopriate Windows XP Newsgroup:

Good luck


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