Windows Defender definition update error



I am getting the error (after clicking Install under Custom OR using Easy
install): "Some updates could not be installed. The following updates were
not installed:" Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition

Anyone know what to do? I saw it posted on a .NET forum for Vista, so I'm
clearly not the only one experiencing this.


Bill Sanderson

I recommend ignoring this.

Wait 5 minutes or so, and check the definition date in Windows Defender, and
see if it seems reasonably current.

One frequent cause of this is that WD is auto-updating at the same time as
yiu are running a manual check for updates--and the autoinstallation trumps
the one you are doing.

Once you've looked at WD, try an express check for updates. You will
probably find that the WD update is no longer offered.

If the same update is continually erroring out, then there is a problem.

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