Update to Windows 7


Adam Clauss

OK, from my reading on the internet, I have learned two things:
1) By owning a valid, activated copy of Windows XP, I qualify for the
discounted "upgrade" boxed copy of Windows 7.
2) I will, however, need to perform a clean install. An in-place
upgrade is not supported from XP->Win7. I prefer the clean method anyway.

I qualify for the "upgrade" copy, but I feel like there is a catch to it.
My question is how the "validation" of the upgrade actually works. I
have seen various statements on the internet from different sources -
but I could not locate ANY of this information actually from Microsoft's

My understanding is that the upgrade version of Windows 7 will attempt
to locate an activate Windows XP/Vista installation on the machine. If
it finds this, it allows installation to continue.
That seems to work fine for the INITIAL upgrade, but I am someone who
tends to reformat their machine from time to time (usually due to
hardware updates).

So, when I reformat and have a CLEAN harddrive, how will Windows 7
validate itself as an upgrade? There will no longer be a copy of
Windows installed on the machine. Do I really have to reinstall Windows
XP (which is full version), activate it, and THEN turn around and
install Windows 7? I was unable to find any documentation from
Microsoft on this. If anyone can point to a Microsoft page that
discusses this, I would appreciate it.


Peter Foldes

Start the Win 7 Upgrade installation and when it asks for a qualifying product then
stick it in to the CD\DVD

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