unable to share files and printer



I'm unable to share files or printer on a Win2k Pro
machine connected to my home LAN. The Win2k computer,
however, can access all the other computers (running WinME
and WinXP), as well as their printers.

When I try to access the Win2k computer, I'm asked for a
password. When I enter the Administrator password, a
Microsoft Networking error msg comes up: "The password
wasn't recognized... you might not have access to the
specified share..."

When I try to search for the Win2k computer from the LAN,
the name of the computer comes up, but the location is
shown as 'Unknown'.

I've checked both NTFS permissions as well as the shared
folder permission on the Win2k computer, and they seem to
be granting full control.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Problem solved. The computers which were trying to logon
did not require a user name or password on bootup, since
they were single user terminals. When I entered a user
name, and gave permission on the Win2k server, it shared
files and printer fine.

It took some doing, however, to have the client computers
start without having to enter a password each time they

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