Unable to print after wake-up from Hibernate or Standby


Gary De Feyter

My HP OfficeJet R40xi works just fine when I boot up or re-boot my desktop
PC, but if I wake it up out of "hibernate" or "standby" I consistently get a
"This document failed to print" error message. This problem apparently
started after I
installed the SP-2 patch. I've double checked my parallel port settings in
system BIOS and Device Manager and I've removed & reinstalled the XP printer
driver but
so far haven't found a solution. Any suggestions would be most welcome!



Hi Gary, I have exactly the same problem and have been trying to find a
solution for weeks - I have tried everything, including reinstalling drivers
etc. I also tried the responses to your entry but couldn't find anything.
Just wondering if you managed to solve the problem?
Hope you did and thanks in advance for any help.

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