Outlook Unable to delete Outlook 2003 RULES and AOL Personal Folder

Apr 17, 2006
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Hi! This is my first post!
I had outlook 2003 instially and i had 5 email accounts configured including GMAIL , AOL, HOTMAIL and rules set for GMAIL to move to another folder. I had installed Outlook 2007 beta and things good for some time and later on outlook 2007 seem like crashing every time.
So i have managed to unistall outlook 2007 and installed 2003 again and all my email accounts and rules were still there. And the problem is AOL personal folder had a problem . So i had created another.

1.) when i tried to delete(close) the AOL imap folder present, it says, i need to create a new profile and stuff. But if i create new profile. how will i import all my email accounts and all the data and my calendar and recurring appoint ments.

2.) also the rules got screwed up, none of the rules have a description now. The delete option is also not highlighted. and they dont work. If i create a new rule, i can use it. But the old rules , i can't unselect also. THe rules are only mails moved to specific folders.



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