Outlook 365 and the rule has a condition that the server cannot handle "Stop processing more rules"

May 20, 2020
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I won't get into all the details but when I once configured my Outlook for my work Exchange server, I got the above message. Well, I didn't like having my work email in my personal Outlook, so I un-configured everything I had previously configured. In other words, Outlook was a stand-alone pop3 client - that's it. The problem is that I still get that message every time I futz with the rules.

I believe that Outlook thinks that it is still attached to an Exchange server. Does anyone know where there might be a setting or an .ini file or a registry setting that would square this away?

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Feb 23, 2002
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If you are only using it as a POP3 client, I wonder if you still have the O365 account linked under File > Office Account. It might be that your subscription to O365 is shown here and it's still trying to grab rules. Does it list your work account at all on this page, either under "connected services" or as the license holder?

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