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I am starting to build a XPe device with a IDT STAC9202 device. Someone told
me that the MS UAA bus driver is not supported in XPe. I also cannot find it
in the Target Designer component list. Is the UAA driver available for XPe?
If so, what is it called? If not, how/where do I get it?

Vern Sauder

Sean Liming \(MVP\)

Have you been able to install XP Pro on your target with all the drivers? If
so you might be able to pull the UAA driver out of this installation.


Sean Liming /
Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit


Thanks. I don't have the final hardware yet so I can't do this on the target.
But on my desktop machine I found a device under System devices called
"Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio". It has a driver called
hdaudbus.sys provided by Windows Server 2003 DDK. Since this is the first XPe
project, I expect that the steps I would take involve taking that file and
creating a Component in Component Designer. Then add that component to the
project in Target Designer. And I will also need the specific chip driver
(probably from the chip manufacturer) as another component. IDT says they do
not support XPe. But they support XP. So I can just take the XP driver they
give me and create another component to add to the project.

Am I in the right ball park?


Centa Liu

Hi Sean,

Your answers inspire me a lot. I have a small question, I heard that
Embedded XP and XP Embedded are two different OSes. Is that true? Thanks in

Centa Liu

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