TS Server with Office Messed up, Starting from Scratch, How?


Scott Townsend

Our TS with Office 2003 is going down hill Fast. So this gave me the
opportunity to get a new Server and start a new TS from Scratch.

So what is the best way to install Office 2003 on a Terminal Server?? My
Last install was only fully functional for Domain Admins. Domain users had
partial functionality.
They could not find Word 2003 for use in outlook, Though using Word on
its own was fine.
Any Spreadsheets and Word docs with any VBA would cause errors when the
files were loaded.

So I want to do it right from the Get Go. Should I install the Software
then make the server a Terminal Server, or make it a Terminal Server then
install the Software?

any assistance would be great!


Hakon Johnsen

Make it a Terminal Server then install the Software, in install mode (Terminal server automatical switches to install mode if you run install from Contol Panel Add / Remove programs).

If you don't switch to install mode, your application is installed for the user you were logged in as (administrator?).


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