office2000 on Win2K TS


Vera Noest [MVP]

What you probably have to do is:

* uninstall Terminal Services
* uninstall Office
* install TS
* install Office, using the termsrvr.mst from the ORK

But if this will result in a correctly working Office installation
is difficult to say. Also: if you have installed other application
after you switched the TS to application server mode, they will be
affected as well by uninstalling and re-installing TS.


Our windows SBS2000 server was set up as Terminal Server in remote
administration mode. Office2000 was installed without the termsrvr.mst. Now
the server was changed to Terminal Server in application server mode.
Office2000, word specifically is not working correctly under terminal server
sessions. I can not uninstall Office2000 or Install a new version. It gives
me the error for following ORKTools. I have installed the ORKTools and I am
applying the transforms switch correctly but It will not respond. Does
anyone know how to uninstall or reinstall office in this circumstance?


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