Installing apps on TS 2003


Mike Johson


Couple of questions:

1) Do you get options of choosing application mode or remote administration
mode when installing TS 2003 ?

2) How do you install apps in TS 2003? In TS 2000 you installed in
application mode .. is this the same for TS 2003, if so how?

Much appreciated.

Thank you.


1) Yes. You choose differently though. Remote Admin
is installed automatically, you enable it by checking "Allow
Remote Desktop on this computer" on the Remote tab
under System Properties in the control panel. Think of it
as being similar to WinXP Pro.

If you need Application mode, navigate to Add/Remove
Programs-->Windows components-->check Terminal Server
(and Terminal Server Licensing if you don't already have a
win2003 TS Licensing server installed on your network).

2) Same as TS 2000. Put your user session in install mode,
run the software's setup program, then put your session back
into execute mode. This is accomplished by typing:

change user /install

to change to install mode, and then

change user /execute

to change back to execute mode.



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