Troubles after install w2k sp4...HELP!!



Hi all,

I accidentely clicked yes on a prompt while installing sp4: "The target
file exists and is newer than the source.Overwrite the newer file? "
Now my system will not boot any more to windows (winsrv.dll missing) ,9
out of 10 this overwritten file was my hp array driver which boots my
harddrives,i think it tries to load the default scsi drivers on the
motherboard or something at the moment,but not my array controller.
I got to manage to load my array drivers while booting to recovery
console and uninstalled sp4,but my controller still won't boot.
How can i manage in recovery console to tell windows to load my
controller instead of the onboard one?
Is there somekind of ini file where i can change this?

Thanx for all your replies !



Its a win sys file, possibly your registry is corrupt.
Tried safe mode, last good........

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