Trouble with relocated Favorites folder


Melman Bus Lines

Months ago, I created a folder C:\My Documents\Application Data
and moved my Favorites, Address Book and other things there -
so they will be backed up when I back up My Documents.

Last week, my system (Win 98) hiccuped and the IE6 Favorites
menu starting showing the files and folders in My Documents
instead of the actual Favorites. On a hunch, I moved the Favorites
folder to another location and this fixed the problem.

Just now, I tried moving the Favorites back to my "Application Data"
folder... once again IE is still confused, showing the entries in
"My Documents" instead of the favorites.

Any thoughts?

(When I say "move the Favorites", I mean using TweakUI to
change the location or right-clicking the Favorites folder,
dragging to a new location and selecting "Move here".)

Alan Edwards

You can change the value of Favorites in the Registry in these
two keys:


Shell Folders

If you have used TweakUI, then it may have used a different key so try
the equivalent in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Alan Edwards, MS MVP W95/98 Systems

In, "Melman Bus

Melman Bus Lines

The keys in HKCU are updated whenever I move the Favorites folder
with right-click-and-drag. There's nothing relevant in the HKLM keys.

I can move Favorites to C:\Favorites or C:\My Documents\Favorites
and things work OK. But when I put them in any subfolder of
My Documents, IE shows the content of My Docs instead of the
Favorites. (Just now noticed that Windows Explorer shows the
same behavior. Hmm.)

I ran IE Repair from Add/Delete Programs, that didn't change anything.

Melman Bus Lines

Problem solved by creating a new Favorites folder at the desired
location, then moving all the individual favorites from the defective
folder to the new one, then using TweakUI to change the Favorites
location (the rgy keys).

Explorer and IE can both see the correct content in the new folder...
however in Explorer, the new folder looks like a regular file folder
(it does not have the special icon with a * and the folder type of
'shell favorites folder'). And, I couldn't delete the old defective
Favorites folder until I rebooted.

Does a folder just "go bad"? Seems as if that's what happened here.

Alan Edwards

The Favorites folder may yet get its special icon.
I have forgotten how to get it back but if it doesn't return next
boot, try this:

Ensure the folder has System attributes and has a hidden Desktop.ini
Mine is:



Your method may have left the Desktop.ini behind.
Someone may know another way, as I am sure there is a regservr32
command that I used some years ago.


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