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First let me appoligise for this being a crosspost from XP help. Perhaps it
better belongs here.
I am bringing system up to what I want following a full reinstall of XP-sp3.
Current problem is patching back my favorites from saved file and links from
saved file. I seems that they interact and cannot get what had berfore
which was a favorites folder with many locations and seperate links on my
toolbar which I could pull down. I finally got links on toolbar but they
open windows explorer to that folder rather than show only folder contents.
I remember that links was a folder in my favorites.
I have backups of system in a external HD if I only knew which files to
retrieve and what dir they are in.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

If you didn't export your IE Favorites as a bookmark.html file to begin
with, you won't be able to restore them now via IE File | Import and Export
| Import Favorites.

PA Bear [MS MVP]


Larry(LJL269) said:
If my Favorites are in F:\Favs cant I just set Favorites pointer in
Registry to F:\Favs when I switch IE6->IE7?

Your help is MUCH appreciated. Thanks- bye- Larry


A working unsecure OS is infinitely better than non-working secure OS.
Just spent 1 week cleaning up the mess WUpdate made preventing
hypothetical security problems. http://microscum.com/comsense/


I thought I clearly said "I have backups of system in a external HD if I
only knew which files toANYHOW I got them restored by patching files from one directory to another
thanks to being given the location of those files on XPhelp and support.
Thank you


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