tried to move mail folders to open space on hard drive - now mixed



i am using Windows mail & running Vista. I have my emails sorted into folders
by customer. I run 2 separate accounts (ie 2 mail adresses)

My C: was low on memory so i found the Windows mail folders & moved them to
my D:

when i went back into Windows mail - everything had "gone" - all my folders
with emails & both the accounts.

i moved the folders back from the D: onto the C: & then opened Windows mail.
It took a while but everything was restored into folders marked "recovered

The problem i have is that when i open a folder & click on any of the
messages to view it - the view is of one specific email in that folder.

I can see from the folder list each individual email, when it was received &
whether or not it has an attachment. but every order i click on shows exactly
the same info of one email in that folder.

if i use Explorer to look at the folder - i can see the individual emails &
that each email has a different file size in kb - but if i try open anyone -
they still only show the info for the one mail in the folder

Can anyone help please - & does anyone understand what i am trying to describe

Steve Cochran

You messed things up pretty good. The proper way to move the message store
is to go to Tools | Options | Advanced | Maintenance | Store Folder and set
a new path there. Then WinMail will perform the move for you. Right now
you have a rather messed up message store and I'm not sure it would be easy
to fix. I would suggest that with WinMail closed, you move all the files
out of the message store directory and all of its subdirectories so that the
entire directory is blank. Then start WinMail and let it set itself up
again in the blank message store. Then you can re-establish your accounts
and once you do that then move the message store as indicated above. Then
you can drag the messages from the old message store folders and drop them
ontop of the WinMail message list open to a given folder to reincorporate
them into Winmail (don't drag them into the Explorer folders, as they won't
be incorporated). See here also for some background in the Windows Mail


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