Multiple Folders and sub folders and such



Hi. I am just configuring Windows Mail in Vista. In Outlook (on XP), I had
multiple email accounts linked to different folder structures. Each account
had a different set of folders. In Windows Mail, it seems everything is being
downloaded into one Inbox. Can I re-create the separate folders for each
email account in WinMail?

Also, my gmail accounts folder structure was synchronized with the folder
structure on the web using IMAP. Can I do that in WinMail, too?

If so, how (or point me to directions)?


Gary VanderMolen

Answering your last question first, IMAP accounts always install their
own folder structure in Windows Mail. To set up a Gmail account that way,

By default, all emails from all POP accounts go into the same Inbox.
There are four different ways of changing that:

1. Use separate Windows user logins. That gives total privacy, and is
ideal when two different people use the same computer.

2. Use message rules to filter incoming messages into
separate mail folders.

3. Upgrade to Windows Live Mail which has separate folders for each
account, no rules needed:

4. Purchase an add-on called WMIDs:


New question: can I separate data files for different accounts into different
locations? In other words, can I keep the important accounts that I need all
the time on my local, small, solid state drive, and move the data files for
the other accounts to my big, slow, not portable, USB drive?

I have found the "store location" where all the data files are kept, but I
want to keep only some of them there, and others in another location.



OK, I have a more urgent question before you get back to that last one
(whoever can help me).

In fooling around with Windows Mail data files, I moved them back and forth
a few times, deleted some files to see if I could recreate them, and now my
data files are corrupted. I cannot move them back to the original location.
Is there a way to create a brand new data file location.

My current situation: I went into Maintenance > Folders > Change... and
tried to change the store back to
C:\Users\Jeff\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail (currently, it is
C:\temp). I click OK and get the message "The directory you selected is not

So I emptied that directory and tried again. Then, when I shut down WinMail,
I get the message "Windows Mail was unable to complete the move to the
selectd location. Your mail store will not be moved."

So now what?

PA Bear [MS MVP]

And you're replying to whom?

No, your entire message store *must* be located on the boot drive else you
risk loss of messages.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

May we assume you backed-up all of your data before you started fooling
around with it?


Yes, I backed it up. However, restoring it did not help. There is nothing in
there that is important. I only backed it up in case Windows Mail insisted on
having it or something like that. The problem is, that restoring it does not
help the situation.


Gary VanderMolen

No. The "store" location can only be in one place, and it must be on a
local drive, not an external drive.

Gary VanderMolen

Assuming you now have it pointed back to the default location:
(C:\Users\Jeff\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail),
close Windows Mail, delete that whole folder, then restart Windows Mail.

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