Windows Mail data base error



I have windows mail and yesterday the computer crashed
When I restarted it I had some recovered messages and a new set of folders.
I have my emails divided in multiple folders and subfolders
But after restorer the emails in some folders the email headers are fine,
but all emails that are inside that folder has the same content, in short
repeats the same mail
But otherwise things were working ok.

Gary VanderMolen [MVP]

Compact the Windows Mail database:
Go to Tools, Options, Advanced, Maintenance, then check the
box for "Compact the database on shutdown every X runs".
Change the X number to 1, then click Close, and close WM.
It will offer to compact the message store, click Yes.

If no improvement, try running the various repair functions in
the WMUtil program:

If still no improvement, upgrade to Windows Live Mail:

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