To Set up using Multiple IP address Doing this would .....


Andy Louie

on a Linksys Switch with a Cable Router

1. Obtain IP Address Automatically
2. Obtain DNS Server Adddess Automatically
3. Advance: DHCP Enabled
4. DNS: Append Primary and Connection Specific DNS Suffixes - CHECKED
5. DNS Suffix for this Connection" Comcast.xxxxxx
6. Register this connection Addresses in DNS - CHECKED
7. WINS: ENable LM Hosts Lookup - CHECKED
8. Use NETBIOS from the DHCP Server - ENABLED
9. OPTIONS: IP Security: Do not Use IPSEC
10. TCPIP Filtering: Permit all

Somehow it seems slow. Anyone with other configurations please advise.
By 8 Use NETBIOS from DHCP Server is better or Use Netbios over TCPIP

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

I don't know what you mean by "multiple IP addresses".
What seems slow, exactly, and what are you trying to connect to?

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