Tiny computer - Modem not working following upgrade from Win95 to XP


Gino Martin

Have recently upgraded our machine to XP SP2 from WIN95 and cannot get the
modem to dial out. The modem is an HSP56 Micromodem and the hardware ID is


I get a "no dial tone" error. Even if I disable waiting for a dial tone the
modem still does not dial out (it briefly makes a faint high pitched sound
but not the tones as the numbers are dialled out - the diagnostic log also
reports the absence of a carrier signal). The modem cable and telephone
connection is OK as I can connect with another machine. I've reinstalled the
modem but the problem remains. Running "Query Modem" under modem diagnostics
reports no apparent problems and the device is reported as working properly.
There are no hardware conflicts as far as I can tell.

I suspect that that driver installed during the upgrade is not suitable
(though the model ID given above IS reported in the MDMPCTEL.INF and thus
one might have expected it to work).

Can anyone suggest a suitable site with an XP driver for this modem. I've
tried the Tiny website but they only have 95/98/ME drivers. I've called Tiny
telephone support and they were no help - they suggested that I buy a new
modem. I've also tried downloading a few drivers from driverguide.com but
with no success.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem and found a fix?

Many thanks for you help



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