56K modem problems


Bob H

I have a US Robotics 56K Fax Modem which I know does work on my system.
My cousin has a Lucent WinModem on his WinXP system and as a result of a
problem with it, ie not working, he has borrowed my modem.

His system is a HP Pavillion running WinXP. The Fax Modem is detected
correctly and setup by WinXP, and I have removed the Lucent Win Modem
from the list in Device Mangler.
When we try to dial up a connection, the modem is reported as
a/ not configured correctly or in use by another device, or
b/ no dial tone detected.

I have not opened up the case, as the fax modem *was* detected and setup
by winxp ok. Everything looks alright and I can't see why it wont dial
up or no dial tone. When the modem is removed from the phone socket and
a telephone plugged in there is a dial tone, so why not the modem?

Any ideas please?





is it that you are still trying to use the original modem even thoough you
have disabled it?

go to
control panel
network connections
you should see an icon for your dialup
right click
and ensure connect using is set to the correct modem



Hausi Tellenbach

Hi Bob.

I have a similar problem - my external modem is detected as "Microsoft
Serial BallPoint" on my Thinkpad T21 - but on a Thinkpad T42 the same modem
with the same cable is detected correctly...

Start the "Device Manager" and change the "View" to "Devices by connection"
and search the COM-port, on which you have connected the modem. In my case
the Device Manager shows me, there is a mouse connected, but there is really
no mouse, but a modem...

Perhaps someone knows how to tell WXP to detect the modem correctly


Hausi Tellenbach

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