time sync problem; useless error msg



An error occurred while WIndows was synchronizing with time.windows.com. The time sample was rejected because: The peer's stratum is less than the host's stratum

What is this supposed to mean??


Mark Dormer

The problem is with those 2 servers, time.windows.com and time.nist.gov

If you edit the registry and add another time server it works fine.
I just did it.

Add a new string value
Name it 3
add the name of a time server as the data
use this list http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/clock2a.html

Information on editing the registry

Always be careful when editing the registry, you can stuff up your PC if you
change things you don't understand

Mark Dormer

Joel Hencken said:
An error occurred while WIndows was synchronizing with time.windows.com.
The time sample was rejected because: The peer's stratum is less than the
host's stratum.


I had a similar problem to Mr Hencken's. Same error message. I thank you
for the information & will attempt to follow it up.

Nevertheless, it would help to know what that error message means. Is there
really something wrong at NIST? But more to the point, what's a stratum?

I clicked on "time synchronization" to find out what a stratum was & how
to make the peer's stratum greater than or equal to the host's stratum,
assuming that was what I had to do. I found no mention of the word
"stratum" anywhere in the material displayed. (Since there is no keystroke
for doing a search with this facility, I can't be sure, but I looked
carefully & more than once.) I then did a search for "stratum" in the
general help index & found 3 instances in the knowledge base. One of them
was an article on setting time in Win 2000 (not for WinXP); again a search
of the article yielded no mention of "stratum." I looked at another of the
Knowledge Base articles & also drew a blank. A stratum is usually a layer
of something, but it's hard to relate this to the problem at hand.

So, my question is maybe a little more fundamental than Mr Hencken's: (a)
How can I find out what a "stratum" is? I couldn't understand that article
in the Knowledge Base. Oh, & by the way, (3) is there any way I can search
a displayed page in the Help & Support system for a word, similar to the way
you can search a Web page with ^F?

Tom Parsons


Hi Kenrick

Yes, I did. I just got a message saying there was an internal error. :-(


Thanks very much, Mark! I'll give it a try. Pray for me that I don't bollix up the Registry. (I'll back up, just to be sure!



i think the problem has something to do with dst time changing...happened to
me too...looked for another ntp server and it worked well.

Mark Dormer

Stratum just means level

The distance a host running the xntpd time daemon is from an external source
of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). A stratum 1 server has direct access to
an external source of UTC, such as a radio clock synchronized to a standard
time signal broadcast. In general, a stratum n server is n-1 network hops
away from a stratum 1 server. For example, a stratum 4 server is 3 hops away
from a stratum 1 server. Also, a stratum n server is at a higher stratum
than a stratum n-1 server. For example, a stratum 3 server is at a higher
stratum than a stratum 2 server, and at a lower stratum than a stratum 4
server. See also ``time daemon''.
Stratum 1 time servers are at the top of the heap, then stratum 2 and so on.

Mark Dormer

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