tilde over letter



I need to print a tilde over the letter r. The Control Shift tilde option
does not work. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Only A, N, and O will work that way because they are the only real letters
that typically have a ~ over them.

Anyway, you may have to use the equation editor to get the desired result.
The method to insert it varies depending on your version of Word.


I'm using 2007 but saving files as 2003. Therefore the Equation Editor will
not work for me. (Saves equations as pictures--really bad pictures.) Hoping
for another solution.

Pesach Shelnitz


In addition to the possibility of using the Equation Editor, you can use an
EQ field to add a tilde to any letter. To add a tilde to r, do the following.
1. Type EQ \o(r,˜)
The tilde ˜ in this step can be typed by typing 2dc and then pressing Alt+X.
2. Select what you typed in step 1.
3. Press Ctrl+F9.
4. Press F9.

You can also add a tilde to any letter by placing the cursor after the
letter and running the following macro.

Sub Tilde()
Dim myField As Field
Dim myChar As String

With Selection
.MoveStart Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=-1
myChar = .Text
Set myField = ActiveDocument.Fields.Add(Range:=.Range, _
Type:=wdFieldEmpty, PreserveFormatting:=False)
myField.Code.Text = "EQ \o(" & myChar & "," & ChrW(&H2DC) & ")"
myField.ShowCodes = False
.MoveRight Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1
End With
Set myField = Nothing
End Sub

Bob Mathews

Equation Editor 3.0 is still available in Word 2007: Insert > Object,
just like before.

Also, if you do use the Word 2007 equation editor (aka "OMML"), save
it as doc (not docx), and open it up in Word 2003, MathType is able to
open and edit those "really bad pictures", and convert them to
MathType equations.

Bob Mathews
Director of Training
Design Science, Inc.
bobm at dessci.com
FREE fully-functional 30-day evaluation of MathType
MathType, MathFlow, MathPlayer, MathDaisy, Equation Editor

Peter T. Daniels

Type r. Then in Insert Symbol, go to the Combining Diacritical Marks
range, and find the tilde character. Or simply type 0303 (on the
regular keyboard) and then Alt-X. The tilde combines properly with the
r in Times New Roman; in other fonts, the alignment may not have been
programmed properly, because this isn't a frequently used combination.

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