Is there a keyboard shortcut for the tilde character, that will place it
directly above a letter (e.g., n)? I'd rather not have to remember a
keyboard code with a 4-digit number. Would it be best to simply create a
macro and then assign that a keyboard shortcut?

MS Office Pro 2003
XP Home
Dell Inspiron 1501


Thanks, Suzanne. I was able to use Ctrl+Shft+~ to get it over the letters
(lowercase). Using no shift (just Ctrl+~) gives me the downgrade (?) accent.
Not sure why that's the case. I don't recall the last time I saw an
uppercase enye, but just in case I want to type it--do you have any other

MS Office Pro 2003
XP Home
Dell Inspiron 1501

Suzanne S. Barnhill

I guess I was unclear. You have to use Shift in the setup key
(Ctrl+Shift+`) to get Ctrl+~. The setup key is the same for both upper and
lower case. You then type either n or N depending on which you want the
tilde over.


As she said, for the capital accented letters, you type the code for
the accent, and then the capital letter.

In Word, keying the basic accents (the ones used in West European
languages, and occasionally in English) is quite systematic.
Unfortunately, different Windows programs don't all use the same
codings. (All Mac programs use the same key sequences for the

The scheme is, type Ctrl plus the item on the keyboard that looks most
like the accent. Thus:

Acute accent (/ shape) over a vowel: Ctrl-Apostrophe, vowel

Grave accent (\ shape) over a vowel: Ctrl-`, vowel (that's the key
left of the 1)

Circumflex accent (^ shape) over a vowel: Ctrl-Shift-^, vowel (Shift,
because it's the shifted 6)

Umlaut/dieresis (.. shape over a vowel): Ctrl-Shift-:, vowel

Tilde (~ shape over a vowel or n): Ctrl-Shift-~, vowel or n

Cedilla (hook under c): Ctrl-,, c

German double s: Ctrl-Shift-&, s

(It only works for the letters that use these accents in French,
German, and Spanish; if you want an acute-accent n for Polish, say,
you need a Polish keyboard or you're stuck with Insert Symbol.)

And some other letters in Scandinavian languages:

a with circle over, Ctrl-Shift-@, a

ae, Ctrl-Shift-&, a

oe, Ctrl-Shift-&, o [also sometimes still used in French]

crossed o, Ctrl-/, o

crossed d: Ctrl-Apostrophe, d

Spanish upside down ! or ?: Ctrl-Alt-Shift, ! or ?

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