How to type vowels with tilde?



I am unable to obtain the tilde as an accent on vowels (a,e,o,i etc). I
have no difficulty getting the other European accents (acute, grave,
circumflex, etc). Typing CTRL+Shift+~ followed by the letter does not produce
anythilng. Grateful for assistance to solve this problems


ã and õ should work with ctrl-~a and o respectively (they do on my

i and u are in the character set, but don't happen automatically. Use 0129
alt-x and 0169 alt-x. You can set up autotext or autocorrect entries for
these if you use them often.

Can't see e-tilde in the normal set. You could construct it using an EQ
field (which you could then set up as an autotext entry); or hunt for a font
with more special characters.

Joe McGuire

That's odd, particularly if you hold those keys (Ctrl-Shft-~) down at the
same time followed by the letter and get absolutely nothing, not even the
unaccented letter or a space. Just a guess--is it possible you are not
using the standard (U.S.) keyboard? You might want to double check all the
settings to make sure something did not change somewhere along the way. I
have been using the keyboard to type international characters for years and
through several iterations of Word on many different computers. But on
occasion I have switched Word to a international keyboard (in my case
German--trying to switch Word keyboards in German is a big mistake! Same
old keyboard and keys but sooo many are switched around that you will never
remember which is which!) and the keyboard shortcuts no longer worked,
perhaps because the specific int'l keyboard already includes those very
characters! Anyway, just a guess.

There is a great MVP paper on this at

See KB Article 269750 for other details, including references to the Visual
Keyboard. Note that this may be for Word 2000 but it works in later
versions as well.

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