.tif file handeling



Just recently IE started to try and open .tif files
directly in a browser window instead of opening them
externally in Win picture and fax viewer. The file types
for .tiff and .tif are both set to the default for
windows with Win Picture and fax viewer but for some
reason IE wants to ignore this. Any thoughts on where IE
might be getting hung up.

IE 6.0

Robert Aldwinckle

If you save the file with an extension of .tif and try to open it
from an Explorer window what application opens?
That is what the file association does.

If you are opening the file online it may be that the file's MIME type
does not match its filename extension and that would explain why
it is opening the way it does.

If you need more help please post a sample link.


Robert Aldwinckle

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