prevent tif image to open outside of I.E.



The O/S is windows 2000 with the latest updates.

-the problem is, a tif image is being opened within an IE window.

-I would like the tif image to open with the program that is associated
with it in tools options, file types.

I have as a file association type to open the image with image viewer
but it opens within the IE still with another program.

How do I get IE to not open tif images within the browser.


Don Varnau

Did you verify the file association for both TIF and TIFF?

Checking the "Confirm open after download box" may help.

Have you installed one of the programs which allows IE to open TIF files?
AlternaTIFF is one of them. There are several others. Check Downloaded
Program Files and/or Add/remove programs. You may have to uninstall this
program (if installed.)

This MSKB article may help:
320289 - Always Ask Before Opening This Type of File Setting Is Lost for
..tif Files [tiff]:

Hope this helps,


Thanks for replying.

Yes the file association is for both tif and tiff.

and it does confirm if I want to open or save. But I need it to open
in the program that is in the file association. There are no other
programs that are installed, I have already checked.

Thanks again.

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