Can't View Tif images on FTP folder



I am trying to use the built-in "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" (or
ACDSee) to view TIF files located on our internal network. I try to
view the file by clicking a link like this:

....but I always just get the image placeholder (square/circle/cone).
I know that the file exists, because if I go up one folder, I can see
the list of files (there are several in the "Assembly" folder shown in
my example). If I double-click any TIF file in this list, I get the
same result.

I know I can view these files, because if I copy one of the TIF files
to my desktop and double-click on it, it opens fine in my viewer

I even changed my computer's setting so that TIF files were opened by
the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer", and got the same results: image
placholder on FTP file and opens OK on my desktop. All the other
computers in our company can view this TIF files fine, so I would
think it is something wrong with my particular computer (?).

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have!
Thank you.


Hi Kirk,

Use http protocol instead...

- Show quoted text -

Maybe I didn't explain my situation correctly. When I try the FTP
link above I get the image placeholder, which is different than the
"Page not found" error. If I change the path to be one character off,
I get this error (which is correct, as that image does not exist).
Therefore, I know that the file is there, it is just not displaying in
my IE window.

I tried chaning it to the HTTP protocol, and got the "Page not found"
because it does not exist in that location.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I would appreciate any other ideas.

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