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Joseph George Williams (Balasarius)

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Hi All,

I've found a glitch when only using windows 7 and excel 2007 in regards to
shared excel worksheets.

I have a number of excel 2003 files that are setup as shared worksheets on a
ReadyNAS Pro and when I save changes to these shared worksheets with excel
2007 on windows 7 I get the following:

The document was saved successfully, but Excel cannot re-open it because of
a sharing violation. Please close the document and try to open it again

after which the changes have saved but I no longer have anything but
read-only access to the file. this only happens if I do not own the original

I DON'T get this problem on any local or windows share. this occurs only on
the NAS.
This only happens with a Windows 7 and Excel 2007 combination. I have on
problems with Windows XP and Excel 2007 but don't know about vista as we
don't have it here.
I can reproduce this error on both Window 7 32bit and 64bit using Excel 2007
I have also found that if you create a excel 2007 file and try and set it to
shared worksheet on the NAS it looses shared worksheet option when you next
reopen the file.

things I've tried so far are:

given full control to the individual user for a shared file works until
another user decides to make a change
follow a possible resolution on this forum and tick the "Grant rename and
delete privileges to non-owner of files" in the advanced option but they
where already setup

I've ran a test with multiple users connecting to the file and have found
that users with {window XP and excel 2003} and {windows XP and excel2007} can
connect change and save with each other connected including the {windows 7
and excel 2007} connected. The problem only occurs when the {windows 7 and
excel 2007} tries to save changes and boots it's self to read-only. but even
though this happens neither the {window XP and excel 2003} or {window XP and
excel 2007} users are affected in anyway.

also if the {window 7 and excel 2007} user owns the files and another user
either {window XP and excel 2003} or {window XP and excel 2007} makes a
change to the file then I get the same error again with the {window 7 and
excel 2007} next time it saves due to the ownership of the file is now with
the user that changed the file last.

hope this makes sense.

does anyone have any ideas on a solution or work-around other than taking
the file off the NAS and on to a windows share.


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