How to make Excel 2007 not open Excel 2003 workbook as invisible?



I can not see Excel 2003 workbook in Excel 2007 (a trial version). Workbook
opens but is not visible. Windows file explorer gives a message in the right
side preview pane about no preview being available because of an error in
Excel 2007 previewer. I was able to see this file a few weeks earlier. I was
working with linked and converted (from 2003 version) Word and Excel
documents in Office 2007, and one day the file just vanished, and was
unrecoverable. I lost work, and had to go back to an earlier saved version in
2003. I started to work on it, and all was fine initally. Then the workbook
became invisible. I had also converted it to Excel 2007. Now I can not find
it. How to make Excel 2007 open Excel 2003 workbook properly visible and


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