How do I delete an attached commandbar in an Excel 2007 Workbook?



I have a rather large workbook I've converted from an Excel 2003 .xls format
to an excel 2007 xlsx format. I'm having problems deleting the custom
toolbar that was attached to the original workbook. Excel allows me to
delete the toolbar from the current session; however, the next time I open
this file the toolbar comes back. The file also causes the following error
when opening. "Excel cannot complete this task with the available resources.
Choose less data or close other applications." By watching the Add-Ins
ribbon I can see this error occurs right after the cuctom toolbar is created.
I believe deleting the unused commandbar will solve the error. During my
research I found the following statment in the excel help for
Workbook.Commandbars Property. "There is no programmatic way to return the
set of command bars attached to a workbook." If I can't delete this workbook
commandbar through the commandbars property how can it be deleted?



Robert Flanagan

Save the workbook in 2003 format (xls). Then open in Excel 2003. Select
View, Toolbars, Customize, Attach and delete the attached toolbar. Save the
file. Open back in 2007 and save in the desired format.

Robert Flanagan
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