text in excel embedded links prints bold in slide show



In EXCEL 2007 if I copy a block of cells (no bold, automatic text
color {black}, and no fill), and PASTE SPECIAL>EMBED AS LINK into PPT
2007, the text displays as expected but when the slide show is started
all the text is bold (it appears that the text is being outlined as
colored text will have a black border around it).

If I set the cell fill in EXCEL to any color (white, yellow, etc.) the
text renders correctly after the embedding into PPT both in edit and
slide show modes (the fill seems to 'hide' the outline around the

The same problem exists with an embedded chart's axis lettering and
titles, but I have been unable to figure out a way to stop it as I did
with filling the cells.

Is this a 'bug' or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.




Matti Vuori

Glenn said:
Is this a 'bug' or am I doing something wrong?
This is probably just another case of Object Linking and Embedding never
working (and never having worked) when it involves two MS Office

Many people use only Paste as Picture because of the problems.

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