Tesoro Lobera and Gandiva Keyboard and Mouse


Mar 25, 2003
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Hardware Heaven have been taking a look at the Tesoro Lobera and Gandiva keyboard and mouse - here's a snippet:

"Starting with the Lobera keyboard we have a product which feels solid and we like the use of different textures for the finish. The key lighting is strong, regardless of the colour and we like the presence of audio passthrough and USB ports. It would appear that this board doesn’t use Cherry MX switches, like their Durandal, however the feel of the keys is decent and Tesoro do note that they are guaranteed for 50 million actuations anyway. The lighting effects are decent and it is nice to have quick access to the settings to illuminate only the key gaming areas.

Moving to the mouse we have a device which, despite its unique shape, feels nice in the hand. The use of an all plastic construction means it is light which will appeal to some gamers and the two main buttons have a decent feel to their click. That said we were not a fan of the DPI selection buttons on the edge of the left button as they are far too easy to press, it really takes no effort at all so quite easy for accidental presses. The thumb buttons require more effort though so thats fine."

Read more about it here:

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