Tesoro Durandal Ultimate Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Mar 25, 2003
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NikkTech have reviewed the nicely customisable Tesoro Durandal Ultimate Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

"The Durandal Ultimate (G1NL) is currently available in 4 different versions each featuring different Cherry MX mechanical keys (Red/Blue/Brown/Black) so we are actually starting off great since Tesoro has immediately covered pretty much every potential customer out there regardless of what switch type the may want (we got the MX black version). Other features include keyboard backlit illumination with 4 different levels (and on/off), Full N-Key Rollover (USB), 2 USB 2.0 ports, headphones and microphone ports and 5 profiles stored on the 128kb onboard memory. As a matter of fact as you will see later on the Durandal Ultimate has by far the strongest key illumination we've ever see with a mechanical keyboard so this is definitely something many people will love about it. Unfortunately due to a mix-up in the warehouse our sample arrived without the wrist rest so since it would take too long for Tesoro to dispatch it we chose to proceed with this review without it (thus we will not be making any comments about it). So let's see what the very first mechanical keyboard we got our hands on from Tesoro has to offer."


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