Terminal Services Licensing



I wanted to test Terminal Services Application mode know there is a 90 day
grace period for licensing. I mistakenly also installed the licensing server
on the same server at the same time. Once the Terminal Services Server found
the Licensing Server, it removed the 90 day grace period. Is there a way to
get the grace period back so I can test this with approx. 6 users
concurrently? I also tried unistalling the licensing server and switched back
to administrator mode, rebooted and re-installed as application mode again
but I still can't connect. I get event id: 1004 - "The Terminal Server cannot
issue a client license."

Vera Noest [MVP]

No, as far as I know, there is no way to get the grace period to
start over again, short of re-installing the whole server.

But you situation is still a bit puzzling. Even after that you lost
the grace period (in which the TS can work without a LS at all), you
should still get temporary licenses, which last 90 days.
But maybe you have connected to other Terminal Servers from this
Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
TS troubleshooting: http://ts.veranoest.net
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I have resolved the problem. The first main problem was that I loaded
Terminal Licensing Server on a member server not a Domain Controller. All I
needed to do was install LS on the Domain Controller and complete the process
through the Microsoft Licensing. Everything is now working fine.


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