Terminal Service session "blacks out" from W2K client


Robert Leithe


Some of my users are experiencing some sort of "black out"
in their terminal services sessions.

The setup:
- Windows 2000 Server SP4 with Terminal Services
- Windows 2000 Professional SP4 on the client
- The clients access this server via the Remote Desktop

The problem:
- The user logs on to his workstation (and thus onto our
- He then logs in to the terminal server
- If he chooses to minimize the terminal server session
window, and later restores this window, it's all black.

Seemingly nothing can restore the session, so the window
is closed (via the X-button in the upper, right corner)
and a new logon (to the terminal server) is required.

I have looked into the "keep idle session alive"
configuration but this is set to unlimited.

It doesn't always occur, and not for all users.

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

Robert Leithe

Robert Leithe

Hm, yeah, wonderful :)
If this was the case, there is NO other way to work around
this problem??

-----Original Message-----
This can happen if you have a password protected
screensaver enabled on the TS, i.e. for HIPAA compliance.
Tell them not to minimize their screen (wonderful fix huh?)

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