Terminal Server Users can not connect


Scott Harris

Hi. We have a Small Business Server (2000) running
terminal services for a few users (4 or 5) to connect
mainly for nighttime dial-up or remote admin. It has been
working fine for 1 year or so. Now the RDC get the
message that the client can not connect. On the server,
the Terminal Services service can not be stopped or
started. A look at the Terminal Services Manager shows
everything to be normal. Since this is a SBS, I'm
wondering if port 3389 is blocked, but I can't find an
instance where that seems to be the case (I may not be
looking in the right place). Not being able to stop the
service is also a concern.

Any suggestions?

Thank. Scott Harris

Vera Noest [MVP]

Not being able to stop the Terminal Service is by design. Check

278657 - Terminal Services Cannot Be Manipulated

Is there anything in the EventLog on the TS when you try to
You can check if the TS is listening on port 3389 with the netstat
- an command. Or check the TS Manager to see if the listener
session is "down".

312030 - Cannot Connect to a Windows 2000-Based Computer with
Terminal Services Installed and RDP Listener Is "Down"

To check if port 3389 is blocked, use Telnet:

187628 - Using Telnet to Test Port 3389 Functionality

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