Terminal Server Prinitng Problems


Derek Daly

Can any one help on this one please:-

We have a Windows 2000SBS server and a Windows 2003 Server. The Windows 2003
is set up as a terminal server in application mode.

we are running a Windows accounts system on it which euns fine (Pegasus
Opera) except when it comes to printing. It appears that it is running as a
dos program as it trys to write directly to LPT1.

If I am the administrator I can share the locally attached printer and map
using net use LPT1 to the locally attached printer, however when I am logged
on as a user i can not share the printer, even if the user is in the printer
operators group.

The people using T/S are connecting over the internet using a public I/P

As an ordinary user how can I do the following:-

1). Share the printer which is created on logon eg \\termserv\ts006
2). automate the net use as the session number of the printer can change
everytime the user logs on.
3). Connect another user to the printer for both DOS and Windows.

I am looking at kixtart but have no experience in programing in it does
anyone have any scripts which share a printer and map an lpt port to it that
I can modify.

Thanks in advance



Matthew Harris [MVP]

Claudio posted a script a while back that should
accomplish what you are trying to go, at least as far as
mapping the printer to lpt1. Take a look in the archives
of this newsgroup or search using google groups.


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