terminal server ended the connection


terminal serv

Hello together, server with terminal server function has a w2k. I have a
wince turn out which in former times over admin the account and terminal
server client and wlan, on the terminals servers connected has. this
does not do the ce turns out now unfortunately any longer. I get the
message "terminal servers ended the connection" and the terminals server
shows in event.log " which it a license assigned could not " if I
connect myself with a w2k computer on the server, that functions, with
TSClient or Remotedesktopconnect, perfectly. knows someone which, if
please give me tipps thanks

Vera Noest [MVP]

Have you checked in your Terminal Services Licensing Manager that
you have TS CALs available?

A W2K client gets a build-in TS CAL from the Licensing Server, but
Windows CE needs a TS CAL that you have bought and installed.

If you do have free TS CALs, try to reset the thin client to the
factory defaults (this deletes the locally stored temporary
license), or contact the vendor to see if they have a firmware

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